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Positive Displacement Dispensing System

EFD's Ultra® 2800 Dispensing System is perfect for applications that require precise metering of assembly fluids with changing viscosity or where a specific flow rate is necessary.

The system features a unique, patented technology that gives the user precise, repeatable results — regardless of changes in fluid volume, viscosity and temperature. This technology eliminates the need to adjust settings throughout the syringe barrel dispensing cycle, including the need to compensate for changes in fluid viscosity.

The 2800 System is electro-mechanically operated and does not require the use of compressed air. A powerful stepper motor is contained in the benchtop controller, keeping the handheld drive cable lightweight and easy to use .

The Ultra 2800 Series is fully compatible with EFD's 3cc, 5cc, 10cc and 30cc syringe barrels, pistons and dispense tips. The system can store settings for up to 100 different dispensing applications.
Ultra 2800 Positive Displacement System

Ultra 2800 data sheet (PDF - 130 KB)
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