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Ultra® 2400 Series Dispensing Workstation

EFD's new Ultra® 2400 workstation is a precision dispensing system that applies accurate, consistent amounts of adhesives, lubricants, silicones, epoxies and other fluids used in benchtop assembly processes — from neat, controlled beads to uniform dots as small as 0.004 inches in diameter.

Benefits of the system's consistent fluid application include higher yields, reduced fluid costs, better process control, and shorter training time for new operators.

The workstation features a unique vertical design that conserves benchtop space, and a footprint 60% smaller than standard electro-pneumatic dispenser configurations.

Several accessories are available to enhance productivity and customize the Ultra 2400 workstation for different applications. Options include a flexible task light, a 1.7X magnifier for precision closeup work, a flexible syringe barrel holder that acts as a convenient "third hand," and an ergonomic barrel grip with a touch-sensor finger switch and LED spotlight to illuminate the dispensing area.

Standard features include

  • Simultaneous digital display of dispense time, air pressure, vacuum, shot count and mode, for greater process control than standard analog gauges
  • A unique internal pressure reservoir that reduces cycle time and improves deposit control
  • Multilingual display in English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Chinese, Korean and Japanese
  • Automatic voltage regulation from 85 to 265 volts, with universal power plugs
  • Automatic U.S./metric conversion of all dispensing parameters
  • Security lockout with tamper-proof password control
Ultra 2800 Positive Displacement System

Ultra 2400 brochure (PDF - 120 KB)
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