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  Benchtop Fluid Dispensing Systems and Dispensing Components Benchtop Fluid Dispensing Systems and Dispensing Components
Complete range of Ultra air-powered, microprocessor-based dispensers and positive displacement system.

  Syringe and Tip Reference Chart/Poster Syringe and Tip Reference Chart/Poster
Benefit from EFD's 30+ years of dispensing experience. Select the best ULTRA component system to apply a particular fluid - from cyanoacrylates to sealants to light-sensitive materials.

15-Step QC Checklist: step-by-step instructions to evaluate the quality of your dispensing components
  Barrel/syringe Filling Stations Barrel/syringe Filling Stations
Useful barrel/syringe filling devices for all types of assembly fluids - from cyanoacrylates to thick sealants, pastes and grease. Fill from cartridges, pails or caulking tubes to maximize productivity.

  Dispense Valve Systems & Selection Guide

Dispense Valve Selection Guide and Systems
Data sheets include specifications, application photos and operation details. For specific product sheets, please select by valve type:

Spray Rotary Spray Ink Marking Piston
Diaphragm High-pressure Needle-type Microdot
Mini-Diaphragm High-flow Aseptic Dispense Optical Media
Auger paste      

  Tabletop Dispense and Postioning Systems Tabletop Dispense and Positioning Systems
Support lean initiatives with EFD's 3-axis and 4-axis tabletop dispense systems. XYZ tabletops are compatible with all EFD dispensing equipment to increase yields without increasing labor costs.

  Smart Hand Tools Smart Hand Tools
Manual fluid application. Products include ergonomic hand-held DispensGuns, positive displacement DotMakers and Hand Plungers.

  Tabletop Hand-actuating Dispense Valves Tabletop Hand-actuating Dispense Valves
Use for benchtop fluid applications requiring 1 liter tank fluid supply or larger. Hand-lever actuates dispense action. Easily apply controlled beads of adhesive, brazing paste, cyanoacrylate, glue, grease or solvent.

  White Papers  

White Papers
Helpful white papers to help you improve your dispensing process. For specific white papers, please select:

Reduce hand fatigue in benchtop assembly
How to apply cyanoacrylates
10 tough questions to ask about your dispense valves
Improve medical device coating with LVLP technology
Increase output with a tabletop XYZ dispense system

Product literature on our Solder Paste or MicroCoat product lines is also available.

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  bead dot spray coating

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